Photo by Merakist on Unsplash Social media has been around us for quite some time now. But we’ve only truly come to notice its escalating growth in recent years. From print to screen, television to mobile phones, social media has become the gateway to mobile accessibility for anyone and everyone whether it’s consumers or businesses. And before we […]

Why Page Speed Matters to Your Sales and Tips to Enhance It

Entering digital age, businessmen more focus on digital marketing in generating sales rather than traditional ones. From all digital marketing strategies, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most effective strategies to boost up sales. Today, every business is competing to improve their SEO in order to be on top rankings on Google search, […]

What is IPL and Where Can You Get Them in Malaysia?

Is there any way to get rid of acne in an affordable yet effective method? IPL may be the solution to your problem. This method of skin and facial treatment is indeed very simple & practical. Stay curious, as we’re about to share with you facts & tips on where you can book your IPL […]

Top 5 Waxing Salons in Philippines

Did you know that reports from frequent waxers have shown that their hair grows back finer than before? Yes, most people who have done waxing regularly often go back for their treatments after getting impressive results on their skin & hair growth. Curious? Here are some waxing salons you get to visit, to try a […]

Sydney’s Top Nails and Waxing Salons

Sometimes all we ever need and ask is-where’s the buzz, well we’ll here to tell you the buzz. We searched the highs and lows of beauty salons in Sydney, and curated customer reviews, thus we came up with this list of The Best Beauty Salons for Nails and Waxing in Sydney. Whether you just want […]