Eyelash lift vs Eyelash perm, which is better?: Singapore Edition

The look of charming eyes is one of the key elements to a beautiful face or even If you want to take a cute photo on Instagram. If you follow the Kardashian-Jenner clan, well eyelashes are the main element of their look. Unfortunately, not all girls have flexible eyelashes. No wonder there are many girls who make various efforts ranging from clamping lashes, applying mascara, to using special ingredients that can thicken lashes naturally. Been there done that, trust me I was one of them!

Some beauty treatments knows that this is the season for them to have eyelash services and now are competing to create better effort to beautify lashes. Ranging from curly eyelash perming to eyelash extensions. However, today new treatments have emerged to enhance natural eyelash strokes more naturally. Want to find out more? Let’s take a look down below. If you are interested or having difficulty in choosing a place or booking, just go to https://www.lookaftermi.com. They will solve it for you! Trust me I have used that website many times:)

What is Eyelash lifting?
Is eyelash lifting, a special treatment that makes the eyelashes lift, bend and look naturally thick?

Eyelash lift is the latest method to beautify natural lashes. This technique was first popularized by MUA Hollywood, Karrueche Tran and Hrush Achemyan who often dressed the Kardashian family. Eyelash lifting can also be called the eyelash removal technique that is laminated with a special liquid that can boost the performance of the original lashes so that the results are raised, pliable and appear to be thicker naturally. Uniquely, eyelash lifting offers a flap that can be adjusted as desired, so it doesn’t make eyelashes look fat and excessive.
How long is the process? Is it easy to do it?

  • The process is also relatively easy and doesn’t take long, depending on the thickness of your eyelashes

Steps for eyelash lift

  1. First of all, your eyelash area will be cleaned of dirt and the remaining make-up that is still attached.
  2. After that, the layer in the form of stickers will be attached to the petals and under the eyes. This is done so that the lashes appear more clearly during the process.
  3. Then, the eyelashes are combed neatly to stick to the top and bottom stickers using silicon pads and smeared each strand with liquid containing keratin and also a special lotion so that the results are more black and volume.
  4. During the process, your eyes must be in a closed condition to the maximum dry liquid.
  5. After the work is complete, you are not allowed to wet the lashes or use make-up on the lashes for the next 24 hours so that the keratin liquid can be absorbed perfectly.

End results of eyelash lift

  • This eyelash lifting process takes about one to two hours, depending on how thick your eyelashes are. The results themselves can last 8-12 weeks!

Difference between Eyelash lifting and Eyelash perming?
-Instead of not being maximal when curling the lashes or having to bother with extensions, the eyelash lifting technique is considered safer with natural results

​Should I be worried of Eyelash lift?

  • You don’t need to worry about trying out the eyelash lifting technique, because the keratin liquid used during the process is stated to not contain parabens and formaldehyde. In addition, eyelash lifting is also considered healthier than doing extensions because in the process it does not use eyelash joints so it does not risk making eyelashes easily fall out. If you are not satisfied with the thickness of the lashes, you can still apply mascara without damaging the keratin layer!

Tip: Even though this treatment is declared safe, you should be careful too.

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