Top 5 Waxing Salons in Philippines

Did you know that reports from frequent waxers have shown that their hair grows back finer than before?

Yes, most people who have done waxing regularly often go back for their treatments after getting impressive results on their skin & hair growth. Curious? Here are some waxing salons you get to visit, to try a fast & effective waxing experience.

  • Pink Parlour Philippines – SM North Edsa

Located at SM North Edsa, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Pink Parlour offers beauty treatments to enhance the confidence of its clients. Pink Parlour provides premium waxing services, most known for their famous Brazilian waxing treatments. As one of the top waxing companies in Asia, Pink Parlour can always be trusted for its cleanliness & fast-working system, not to forget its adorable all-the-way pink interiors.

According to honest reviews of past customers, they provide excellent and quick services, with pretty and clean ambience. Greeted by friendly & accommodating staff, starting your waxing journey with Pink Parlour would be nothing but a great choice!

  • Hey Sugar! – U.P Town Center

With their sweet dessert-themed interior, just entering the rooms of the waxing salon will already excite you! Hey Sugar! provides a numerous different waxing services, and of course, they are named after sweets & cupcake puns, like “Leg Velvet” for a leg wax, or even “Browberry Cream” for eyebrow threading.

Hey Sugar! Charges their services with very affordable prices, ranging from ₱390 for a leg wax to ₱590 for a Brazilian wax. What more can we ask from a waxing salon with a unique & cute interior, with great reviews of how welcoming the staff are?

Visit their website.

  • BeesWax – Unit 153 Pasig C5, Frontera Verde Baranggay Ugong

At times, you’re too busy to book an afternoon waxing appointment to attend to. Worry not, as BeesWax may be a great option for your busy schedules. They open up to 11PM at night, so evening booking slots are always available for busy bees out there!  BeesWax uses all-natural and non-irritating ingredients, which is just right for sensitive skin as they’re all made of beeswax. Hence, along with the flexible scheduling, you can also have a new & vibrant waxing experience.

Reviews have said that BeesWax are very thorough with the waxing, so you don’t have to worry about leaving strands behind & can get your money’s worth!

  • Wink Laser Studio – 3F C2 Building, 7th Avenue

If you prefer a more personal time for yourself to enjoy, Wink Laser Studio may be an excellent choice for you. They have spacious, private rooms to book. They also provide a bathroom complete with all the toiletries. Considering the plentiful services they provide, Wink certainly would give a worth-the-buck luxurious experience to its customers.

Source: Wink Laser Studio
  • Barenaked – Glorietta 5

Last, but certainly not least, we have barenaked. Located at Glorietta 5, Ayala Ave, Makati, Metro Manila, Barenaked provides method of waxing they call “Body Sugaring” which uses sugar mixture with no additives. The prices they apply for the safe for skin ingredients they use, are indeed very affordable. Barenaked charges a total of ₱200 for an underarm wax up to ₱350 for a back wax.

If you would like to have an appointment at this waxing salon, reviewers have suggested to come earlier instead as they don’t provide an online booking system. Nevertheless, they always greet their clients with a smile on their face!

Visit their website.

We hope you find these guides useful for you to start your waxing adventure. To know more about different waxing salon merchants, you can head over to and discover great salons available in Philippines. Lookaftermi offers a one fixed price to all the beauty services you need. Sign yourself up, and enjoy a pleasant experience.

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