Eyelash Perm, A Solution to Pretty, Lifted Lashes 24/7?

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For most of us eyelashes might not be a big concern, we’ve got our trusty mascara and eyelash curler to use if we ever need to gain that amped up look. Well if you find yourself clicking on this article, you’re probably just like me and a lot of us reading this right now, our eyelashes are average length and there’s clearly no sign of curl to our lashes either.

On a personal note, I have long thick lashes- I’ve always thought that the length really droops down in weight causing no curl- even the best of mascaras like the infamous Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara does no difference to it. Spending a good 3 minutes on each lash with the curler doesn’t really do the job either, it would only hold up for the first few seconds the curler’s released and back to normal it go after that.

So when the lashes became the new ‘hair’, and the craze on it seems to result in viral ‘before-after’ videos of girls having to close their eyes for as long as possible and hope they’d wake up with a completely new look, it’s only a matter of time for everyone to try it.

What exactly does it do, you say?

Just like perming your hair, eyelash perm is no different. Lash perms use chemicals to break down the bonds in your hair, forming new ones, in this case a curl. You should expect your straight ‘average-length’ lashes get a little extra ‘oomph’ and appear more lifted and curled, appearing longer as well.

Usually before coming in to your treatments, you’ll be advised to come mascara and makeup free. Either way they’ll most likely remove your makeup and natural oils around the eyes for you again even if you already had.

The first part to the treatment is usually the part where they separate your top lashes by covering your lower lashes away with under-eye pads. Then it’s deciding time, if you’ve come to a great salon they’ll definitely specify the silicone rod (basically the curling iron) based on the length of your lashes, if you came to the wrong salon they might not use the perfect size rod for your lashes, maybe they’ve only got one size to use on all. We’ll talk more about this on our verdict.

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An adhesive will then be lathered to the rod for your lashes to stick to, this basically begins the perm process, and usually they start out with a lotion type liquid to soften out the lashes which will let sit for a few minutes. To lock in the curl, a setting lotion will then be brushed on to your lashes; this will make sure your lashes stay up and lifted when peeled off of the rod.

It’s mostly the waiting game after this, and in a matter of time the solutions used will then be removed. And it’s reveal time.

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The Verdict

A lot of people experiences bad results — so bad that it only lasts the day of-and this just might be you; but you’re probably wondering, how do so many have their lashes permed and managed to have it last and look like falsies 24/7? Are my lashes not meant to be for eyelash perms? Is it my overly thick straight-down lashes that a perm isn’t “good” enough to make it curled?

Before you think all “that”, here’s what we know and why you should or shouldn’t give up on it.

The Salon

Beauty salons everywhere are expanding, new technologies and latest treatments are picked up and learnt by salons everywhere to keep up with the latest trends. It’s most likely you found out that your neighbourhood salon does Eyelash Perming and you decided to give it a go. But it’s also possible they’ve just started learning the skill maybe less than a week ago or they’re not using the right kind of solutions and adhesive. So if you feel like your lashes looks just the same to how it use to be, it’s best to start looking for a different salon or maybe a place where they actually specialise in eyelash perming.

Sure, some people do experience not-long-lasting results to Eyelash Perming but if you’ve read this article this far, maybe give it another go?

A good eyelash perm should only last for 45 minutes maximum, if you seem to have gone to a salon and they’ve asked for you to spare more than an hour of your time it’s best to steer clear from it. “The longer time, the better curl” is a wrong way to do a perm, you’ll only (possibly) destroy your lashes. The solutions are what curl the bond in your lashes not the time.

Aside from that, a great salon would consult you with what kind of lashes you would like as an end result, this goes along with the different silicone rods they should have to create the certain looks you want to achieve.

So if you think it’s time to throw out your mascaras and lash curlers and spare your mornings for other things, book yourself an Eyelash Perm appointment through Lookaftermi.com. We’ve got salons all through out Sydney, Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, and Manila, and we’re sure to suggest you to the best Eyelash Perm in your city.