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Social media has been around us for quite some time now. But we’ve only truly come to notice its escalating growth in recent years. From print to screen, television to mobile phones, social media has become the gateway to mobile accessibility for anyone and everyone whether it’s consumers or businesses. And before we get into any more details, we’d say it here and now, your biggest takeaway from this should be, your business needs social media presence, pronto.

What is Social media presence? What role does it play to a business?

The use of social media as a marketing strategy is commonly known as Digital Marketing. It reflects to the presence of social media as a communication device in business towards its people and consumers. Social media presence is a strong outlet for interaction and communication openly. And has a role that could go far and reach highs beyond any other marketing strategy ever before. 

According to Dennis McEniry, President, Online, Estee Lauder Companies, in an interview with Mashable on the role Social media plays, he said,“Social media allows two-way communication, it’s valuable for getting great feedback. Find out what consumers like and don’t like, how we can get them the latest information, how we can improve products.”

Digital marketing, as a business marketing strategy has always been a predicted charm. Shows incredibly why anyone who would possess such skills would be a treasure and any business who gets a head start to this way of marketing is basically a step ahead. But it’s never too late to start, for this has really become the beauty of social media. No certain numbers or audiences are required to really give yourself a name, no matter how big or small your company is. Truly the most important part of the “journey” is starting and sooner or later growth will come upon you and your business, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Why is Investing in Social media Important for your business?

Builds Brand Awareness

According to the GlobalWebIndex 2019, Consumers are 41% more likely to be discovering new brands or products via ads seen on social media, and 47% discover new brands or products via updates on brands’ social media pages. Customer reviews in social media has also become the peer success to brand discovery. The ability for real life consumers to review and recommend brands and products in comment sections of social media; posts from bloggers, celebrity endorsements, results to 45% of consumers who turn to consumer reviews for online research prior to purchase. Shows clear impact to how brand awareness grows in multiple directions through social media and how inevitably important it is.

Gain Targeted Audience

The media provides a platform for any business to figure and develop a targeted market. Even if you have a target audience, with social media you can get an insight on whether or not you’ve got the right target audience. For example a great way to start out your media exposure is by featuring your business through Lookaftermi. If you’re a Beauty, Wellness or Lifestyle business wanting to get a head start on your social media presence, you can promote your page through dedicated instagram posts and stories that will be posted to engaging audience. They can have your business reviewed in forms of dedicated articles  or even get the chance to optimize your website, Lookaftermi’s got you covered. By doing this you’ll be exposed to a targeted audience, in this case, consumers who are passionate in Beauty, Wellness and Lifestyle.

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Showcase Your Business’ Character

Having a social media page really provides an inside look to your brand’s character and authenticity. Customers want to be following a page they are passionate about and interested in. No one wants dull, plain text posts, in fact showcase your business’ true colors, whether that’s comedic, formal or friendly. This actually benefits your business in many ways, you’ll potentially earn customers who actually enjoy and want to engage in your products and content. 

Increase Engagements

Social media is constantly evolving, not in new forms but in new ways you could market your business to interact and engage with your audience. The features on social platforms vary but that doesn’t mean you should jump on every single one. Figuring out what really works for your business to grow, what people engage the most on is part of the experiential learning in social media, if it doesn’t work, just drop it and leave it.

But features like Instagram and Facebook Live gives an opportunity for your audience to actually engage with your brand in real time. You could also benefit from this by having Q&A sessions to gain customer feedback, and overall quality engagement with your audience and followers.

Invaluable Growth

Social media has become the epitome of growth and success for businesses big or small but what it has truly provide is that it’s given any businesses the opportunity to market themselves without having to spend any sort of budget or campaigns to grow your audience. It has become such an affordable or rather priceless way for businesses to grow and target their market, most importantly overcome the scare of not having a budget for smaller businesses and also prevents bigger business to waste on unhelpful advertising.

Social media presence in growth of businesses continues to significantly impact growth and change. It’s fast growing and ever-changing, so the real question you should ask yourself is not the “what ifs” but “when” are you going to start implementing social media into your business marketing.

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