Why Being Featured on Other Blog Articles is Important to Your Business; and How Do You Enhance it?

Want to promote your business, but tired of getting the same disappointing results? Worry not, we got an awesome solution for you! Featuring your business in another blog’s article, or usually known as a “dedicated article” is indeed a very effective way of marketing. First, let us find out; what exactly is a dedicated article?

A Dedicated article is a piece of writing of a certain subject, featured in another’s blog exclusively to gain publication.

Why is a Dedicated Article Important to Your Business?

Build Brand Credibility & Trust

Customers want to know whether or not they are spending their money for the right reasons. Having this information taken into account, businesses would succeed in maintaining their customer loyalty by building trust with their audience. For example, 40% of people are attracted to buy something after reading about the brand on Google, therefore business articles written under Google would better the brand image of that company.

Having dedicated articles written about your business can show business capability and its range of popularity.

Attract New Customers

 Dedicated articles can reach a wide range of customers with the interest your business have to offer. As important as maintaining customer loyalty, a company need to gain more potential customers to evolve and see how well the business have grown.

With the help of dedicated articles better engagements are built which will help the company’s marketing strategy & better their profits.

Efficient & Low at Costs

Having written articles about your business in other blogs is certainly a very efficient way of marketing. It is simple, easy, and fast. One click, and your business profile can be published, ready to view.

This type of online marketing is also mostly low at costs, as all a business ever needed to spend on is the service of writing the article.

Higher Site Rankings

The more blogs your company is listed and dedicated in, the higher a business’ site rankings will be. Why? Because more links are going to be directed back to the business’ main profile/ website.

How to enhance your Dedicated Articles

Narrow your product/services, focus on what is important to your business

More often than not, businesses loses their focus as they want to showcase all that they have got to offer. Narrowing what your business can give and aims for may be a good idea before using the service of dedicated articles.

What defines your business? What will customers get from using your service or buying your products? These questions need to be answered in your profile, but make sure you keep them as simple & entertaining as possible, to keep customers interested.

Pick the right websites/blogs to partner with

Choosing the right platform to release your dedicated article is also very necessary throughout the process. If you’re looking to attract customers from a certain market group, you have to do research and make sure that the blogs you collaborate with can help you reach those groups.

A basic example would be: if you are a business selling anti-aging serums and are aiming for women above their 30s, it may be great to collaborate with beauty bloggers/ beauty planners since their platform can reach your aim. If you own one of these businesses, here’s a link to Lookaftermi’s blog, where your worries can be wiped away by a single click! https://partner.lookaftermi.com/paid-services

With these information listed down for you, we hope you find them useful and can be applied to your business’ marketing strategy. Don’t wait and start an awesome business journey!

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